Americas Health Foundation

About AHF


To advance public health in the Americas by working with strategic partners in developing health education, disease prevention, and medical training initiatives.

Building public-private partnerships to improve health in the Americas


Building public-private partnerships to improve health in the Americas

Priority Areas:

  • Equity, social determinants in health
  • Research on sustainable public health programs and services
  • Infectious and rare tropical diseases
  • Epidemiology and Health Economics
  • Immunization
  • Advocacy, social communication and health education
  • Chronic Diseases
  • Professional Development


  1. Carry out consensus development conferences
  2. Sponsor and manage international conferences
  3. Awareness, Communication & Education projects
  4. Create corporate health related prizes/award
  5. Create forum for the free exchange of knowledge and ideas of health care and prevention
  6. Creating AHF as the best channel for transparent collaboration towards a healthier Americas

Key Opinion Leaders:

A challenge for companies working with key opinion leaders (KOLs) is to help them through education, meetings, symposiums and conferences to understand the constant changes occurring in the public health arena. In the areas of public health, KOLs offer valuable insights into such areas as disease states and patient treatment regimens, and to new product exposure through literature and their professional circles.

Working with the private sector to build new or expand current relations with key opinion health and medical professionals to open doors that enable them to disseminate new product information and results to the medical community through trusted sources.

AHF will plan and convening opportunities for sector leaders to work together on key issues. We will collaborate with KOLs for a healthier Americas.

Operational Model:

The AHF will work with entities wanting to support Latin American governments in accomplishing their public health goals. These entities could be part of the private or the not-for-profit sectors.

The AHF will help translate the needs of the Latin American governments into actionable projects and work with these organizations to seek funding to implement those projects. In turn, The AHF will seek the best partner to execute on time and on budget for the funding entities and do so with all the quality, transparency and collaboration required by governments.