Americas Health Foundation

AHF to Assemble a Panel of Physicians on the Emergence of Pertussis in Latin America

On November 2, 2012, AHF will be bringing a panel of physicians to prepare a policy statement on the emergence of Pertussis in Latin America. This will be carried out in a similar manner as a consensus conference. This group will meet in Miami for three days. The panel member include:

  • Dr. Mercedes Macias, Mexico
  • Dr. Maria Luisa Avila, Costa Rica
  • Dr. Rolando Ulloa, President SLIPE Vaccine Group, Costa Rica
  • Dr. Javier Nieto, Panama
  • Dr. Cristina Marino, Colombia
  • Dr. Eduardo Lopez, Argentina
  • Dr. Luisa H Falleiros, Brazil
  • Dr. Edwin Asturias, USA
  • Dr. Jose Brea, President SLIPE, Dominican Republic
  • Dr. Hernando Villamizar, ALAPE
  • API Representative