AHF Convenes Aging Adult Vaccination Workshop

Despite the availability of safe, effective and relatively accessible vaccines, adult vaccination remains at a low level globally, including in Latin America, resulting in millions of adults every year suffering illness, hospitalization and even death from vaccine-preventable diseases.

In addition, the global aging population, those 60 years or older, is estimated to increase from 12% - 22% between 2015 and 2050.  To help address this important issue, AHF convened an Aging Adult Vaccine Workshop among regional immunization experts and members of Expanded Programs of Immunization (EPI) of various Latin American countries to review previous adult vaccination recommendations and develop a report proposing a route to strengthen public adult vaccination programs for aging adults in Latin America. As a result of the meeting, the experts developed a paper Strategies to Improve Vaccination of Aging Adults in Latin America. Click here to read the paper.