AHF Convenes a Consensus Conference on Osteoporosis in Turkey

Similar to other non-communicable diseases in Turkey, one in every seven women aged 50 years will endure a hip fracture in the remainder of their life. In 2010, a country-wide study estimated the number of hip fractures to reach 24,000 and forecasted hip fractures to more than double throughout the subsequent 25 years. While this study showed the prevalence of hip fractures, they were unable to directly link it to osteoporosis (only to lack of activity). This estimate and forecast are considerably higher compared to older studies, indicating that previous perceptions of osteoporosis may have been lower than the true value in the population. The true epidemiological details of osteoporosis within Turkey specifically have not been determined by major networks. As a result, discussions on osteoporosis in Turkey are key to understanding the issue further and developing country-specific recommendations to overcome screening and identification issues in Turkey.

In August 2019, AHF convened a meeting of Turkish experts on osteoporosis in the country to develop recommendations for improving awareness, prevention, and treatment of osteoporosis. The resulting article, " Updated Approach for the Management of Osteoporosis in Turkey: A Consensus Report," is under review for publication.