AHF Presents on Biosimilars at Ecuador's First University Forum on Public Health

On November 10-11, 2015, the Central University of Ecuador (Universidad Central del Ecuador) hosted the First University Forum on Public Health (Primer Foro Universitario de Salud Pública) to discuss issues concerning “Access and Regulation of Biotherapeutic Drugs and Other Products in Ecuador.” The conference focused on the future of biosimilar drugs in Latin America and was attended by over 300 local and international visitors, including health students and professionals, researchers, and public health and government officials, among others. On behalf of the Americas Health Foundation, Mirona Dragnea, Director of Law & Public Policy, gave a presentation entitled  “Access to Biosimilars and Biotherapeutics in Latin America,” which focused on the importance of developing strong guidelines regulating biosimilars registration, quality and safety measures, similarity measurements and pricing. Ms. Dragnea also gave a second presentation entitled “International Harmonization of Drug Regulation Systems,” which outlined recommendations for the regulation of biosimilars and their implementation in Latin America, before participating in a roundtable discussion on “How to Implement an Efficient Drugs Regulatory Systems?”