Dr. Stephen Stefani

Dr. Stefani was graduated from the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul Medical School, in Brazil, in 1994. He is clinically trained in Internal Medicine and Clinical Oncology by the  Hospital de Clinicas de Porto Alegre and attended  the University of California San Francisco, as a clinical fellow. Holding an MBA in health business, he its a professor of the post graduation course of  Fundação Universidade UNIMED. He also serve as regular consultant of the major private health insurance company in Brazil, with over 70 companies in his portifolio. Currently he is Coordinator of the Oncologic Drugs Benefits Program of the CAPESESP (self financed insurance linked to Ministry of Health). Former Coordinator of the Oncology Unit of UNIMED (with 11 million people covered).  He is a founder of the ISPOR Brazilian Chapter and former president of the local chapter and member of the Latin American Consortium Advisory Committee. He worked as Chair of the ISPOR Latin America Health Care Policymakers & Payers Committee Membership. Editor of the Jornal Brasileiro de Economia da Saúde.