New Dengue App Aids in Reporting Cases

SC CONTRA A DENGUE is the name of the app developed by the winners of the AHF-sponsored Dengue Prizes Brazil 2015. This innovative tool helps citizens to communicate dengue outbreaks directly to  ministry of health officials by setting an alert in a map where  cases of dengue are occurring.  Furthermore, it allows citizens to enroll as volunteers for the clinical trials of the dengue vaccine. The app is available for Android, iOs and Windows. It can be downloaded through Google Play and Microsoft.


Latin American Prizes for Dengue Initiatives

The Americas Health Foundation Latin America, announced the launch of the Latin American Prizes for Dengue Initiatives to support initiatives seeking to combat dengue, a highly endemic disease in the Region. Launched in partnership with Break Dengue, the awards will recognize low-cost initiatives that propose awareness campaigns, surveillance methods or innovative tools to help control the impact of dengue in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. Applications will be open February 1st through March 20th of 2015. The judging panel will focus on those initiatives that prove to be innovative, concrete and have the potential to be applicable in other Latin American countries. The jury will select one winner per country in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia. Winners will each receive $10,000 to implement their projects within one year.

Congratulations to the following winners:

Brazil: SC Contra el Dengue / SC against Dengue

The SC contra el Dengue project implies the development of an app for tablets and smartphones to help dengue prevention through the possibility of reporting outbreaks of dengue and a video-game to combat dengue from an educational approach. This app aims to serve as a link between citizens and municipal health secretaries, to expedite the Ministry of Health response to outbreaks of dengue.

Colombia: Niños y Jóvenes Lideres Contra el Dengue / Children and Young Leaders against Dengue

This project seeks to train young leaders as educators and promoters of appropriate and necessary prevention for dengue in 10 educational institutions in the city of Cartagena, Colombia. The main idea is to create role models to generate awareness and self-identification with the issue by the leaders. The initiative focus on different games and competitions between the different young leaders, promoting achievements and incentives by helping combat dengue. The project seeks to decrease the conditions that are helping Dengue to spread through prevention practices through lectures, games and information activities in schools developed by a group of educators (songs, recreational activities, competitions).

México: Persistencia de Síntomas de Dengue y Fatiga / Persistence of dengue symptoms and post-infectious fatigue

This initiative aims to study the dengue symptoms that are prolonged, the actual duration of dengue and how this affects in the return to work / study and the quality of life, besides generating additional economic costs, so as to allow people to learn how much can dengue affect, beyond the traditional signs and symptoms.

Each winning project/initiative will receive a $10,000 grant to support its implementation through 2015 in each of the winning countries.