Recommendations on the Use of Biomarkers in Immuno-oncology Therapies in Latin America

Biomarkers have many potential applications in oncology, including risk assessment, screening, differential diagnosis, determination of prognosis, prediction of response to treatment, and monitoring of progression of disease. Because of the critical role that biomarkers play at all stages of disease, it is important to develop guidelines that will increase the use of biomarkers in immuno-oncology therapies, while ensuring that they undergo the appropriate evaluations, including analytical validation, clinical validation, and assessment of clinical utility, prior to incorporation into routine clinical care.

In November 2017, the Americas Health Foundation (AHF) convened a meeting of six Latin American key opinion leaders in the fields of immuno-oncology, health economics, and regulatory aspects to develop recommendations for increasing the use of biomarkers in immuno-oncology therapies in Latin America. The resulting paper, “The Value of Biomarkers in Optimizing the Use of Immuno-oncologic Therapy,” is currently under review for publication.