Vacunas Para Todos / Vaccines for All

is a new platform that was created to support and promote vaccine use and guide development of national immunization policies. AHF raises vaccine awareness by developing education campaigns and promoting open dialogues on vaccines and vaccine policy.

24 hours. Together Against Meningococcal Disease

is an educational initiative that seeks to inform and bring resources to involve the entire community to help prevent meningococcal meningitis, a devastating, life-threatening and disabling illness that can trigger severe consequences, in just 24 hours, after onset of symptoms. Click here to visit the Facebook page.

Latin America without Pertussis

is an educational initiative implemented by AHF to address the increasing incidence of pertussis in Latin America by generating awareness about the disease and prevention policies which contribute to the goal that no child dies from pertussis in the region. Click here to visit the website.

Break Dengue Latin America

is a platform aims to build a global coalition that connects all Dengue initiatives and seeks to emulate new ones to reduce and ultimately control Dengue. Through our joint efforts, we will contribute to ending the suffering that causes dengue worldwide. AHF manages this platform in Latin America and our objectives are: 1) Expand the global platform Break Dengue, an initiative supported by the pharmaceutical industry, R&D, non-governmental organizations, and associations, into Latin America; 2) Build a solid network of community-based third parties to advocate for vaccination against dengue; and 3) Raise awareness about dengue. Click here to visit the website.


Support for the Expanded Program on Immunization – CANAC Region

The Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) was initiated by the World Health Organization in 1974 with the objective of extending the benefits of new and improved vaccines to countries in need. To meet this challenge, and as part of its Vaccines for All Platform, the Americas Health Foundation initiated a project with the goal of strengthening the management, logistics and infrastructure of the EPI for vaccine introduction in Central America, the Andean Community and the Caribbean.

After an analysis of countries in the Region, and following a request from the EPI Manager in Panama, AHF selected Panama as the pilot country for the Project due to the country’s dedication to supporting its EPI as evidenced by multiple vaccine introductions in the EPI in recent years.

The current AHF project includes:

  • Providing one-day, on-site training workshops to ensure that health workers are properly trained on how to administer and manage vaccines, document and record which child receives which vaccines, and decrease vaccine wastage through proper maintenance of vaccine stocks;
  • Updating existing vaccine storage infrastructure in preparation for new vaccine introduction by exporting and installing in Panama one cold room and eight ice-lined refrigerators for the approved and exclusive use of biological conservation for vaccination programs; and 
  • Conducting one-day, on-site training workshops for maintenance technicians on proper cold chain equipment maintenance and logistics in order to decrease vaccine wastage.